Hacking Contractor Singapore


To minimize inconvenience when moving to a new home or office, you should start scouting for a contractor that provides reinstatement services. This is because most tenancy agreements for residential and commercial units may come with a reinstatement clause. But what exactly is “reinstatement”? It simply means to restore the residential or commercial premise back to its original state before handing it over to the landlord. This may seem to be a hassle, especially if several modifications are made to the premise, or there is a short time limit before the handover. However, we at Singapore Hackers provide professional hacking services, with years of experience below our belt, which is why we can confidently promise a job well done, even under time constraints. 

Here is the scope of our hacking and reinstatement services: 

  • Setting up of hoarding boards
  • Wall hacking and floor tile hacking
  • Removal of partition walls
  • Dismantling of ceiling works
  • Removal of furniture and equipment
  • Removal of glass works and carpets
  • Removal of sanitary and plumbing fixtures
  • Dismantling of unwanted electrical wirings and power points
  • Relocation of sprinklers and irrigation systems
  • Dismantling of unwanted air-conducting systems
  • Refurbishing ceilings and walls
  • Wet works (laying of new cement screen)
  • Painting and varnishing
  • General cleaning

Selecting a contractor who has expertise along with credibility in the field of home and office reinstatement is crucial in going towards a smooth handover process. Before the reinstatement project begins, our contractors will familiarize themselves with any requirements there is for your building. This is to fully gauge the best strategy in which we can efficiently carry out our project to ensure that the best work is delivered. 

Choose to work with us, and you can have peace of mind as we will deliver nothing less than a job well done.