After our reinstatement project has been completed, there is one final step before the handover, which is cleaning. It may be easier said than done, especially if it covers a large area, or the leftover debris is not easily swept or vacuumed, like your general house chores. This can lead to a tedious chore for you, and you may have to hire an extra crew to perform a clean-up for you. Especially if the leasing contract specifies that the cleaning before handover falls onto you, it could cause you a fair amount of worry. 

Therefore, we can provide a general cleanup for you, to provide a comfortable handover process. This is so you can focus on other more important aspects of moving out, as we understand that the process can be tedious and tiring. 

Our general cleaning includes

  • Moping and sweeping of the floor 

  • Disinfection of surfaces
  • Clearing any dust and/or leftover debris

Get in touch with us if you’re interested to know more!